We love lush, untamed, romantic florals evocative of different times and places.  With floral obsessions that lead back to childhood rose gardens, we have indulged our senses in everything from wild gardens around Europe to Asia’s exotic blooms, back home to the stunning and untamed wildflowers of Texas.  We’d be delighted to work with you to transform your floral hopes for your upcoming nuptials into exactly what sounds wonderful to you.  A wild profusion of peonies?  A loose and dreamy garland of bay laurel?  You imagine it, and we’ll help you make it a reality.


How do you imagine your event?  What are your ideas?  What is your vision?

If you know the exact flowers you want, down to the Latin name – we can do that.  If you’re not sure, but have vague ideas like, “I’ve always imagined purple flowers in my bouquet” – fantastic.  If you have no idea whatsoever and want someone to help you imagine and create your event from the ground up – excellent.  We enjoy every one of these scenarios – from helping you actualize what you’ve had in mind for years, to helping you imagine and create something new, unique and memorable.


What will we do?

We’ll do as much, or as little, as you’d like.

Once we start working with you, we’ll jump right in and learn about what you want.  What’s the venue? What kind of mood are you hoping to create?  What do you imagine about how you want to look?   We want to hear and see your ideas, then sit down and work with you to create a game plan to make it happen.

Overall, we’re calm people and we’re good listeners.  We’re thrilled to be in a business in which this attentiveness, combined with our design savvy, allows us to help create an event you can look forward to, savor, and remember.

We’re happy to help source materials as needed; we have an inventory of beautiful vases and vessels, as well as excellent vendors with stunning ribbon.   If you already have the perfect items – we’ll use yours!


How will we collaborate with you on your event?

Any way that works well for you!

We love sitting down in person and reviewing samples, photographs, or even a scrapbook you’ve put together, to help us get an understanding of what you want your event to be.

If it’s tricky for you to make time for in-person meetings, no problem, we’re happy to do calls, Skype – whatever works for you.

However we meet with you, we take down every detail to make sure what’s in your head becomes a reality.

We love using technology to convey ideas and concepts of beauty, which is why we create Pinterest boards for each of our clients.  We are avid Pinners, and find it exceedingly helpful in conveying not only specific information but also feelings and moods.


How do we help you on the day of your event?

No matter what the event, we will be there to set-up and to take-down – assuring that every petal is in place. We not only hand out bouquets, pin on boutonnieres, and place petals across the lawn – we also share tips with you and your party about how to best hold, pin, toss or sprinkle your respective floral accoutrements.

We’re dedicated to making your event lovely and memorable.  We’re here to put details in place, so that once the day arrives, you can enjoy the event you have imagined.