We provide floral design services for weddings, events, and editorials. Once we learn about your event, as well as your style preferences, we’ll collaborate with you to create the florals you want.

Most of our work is right here in the great big state of Texas – centered around Austin and Houston.  We’re both seasoned travelers and can work with you if you’d like to design an event held in another location – wherever that may be.

We love working in Austin and Houston as both cities are filled with people with an appreciation for attention to detail and a love for the beauty of flowers.  We thrive on small finishing touches – the pleasure of a well-placed bloom, or a softly draping branch.  We can bring elements like this to your day whether you’re in Austin, Houston, or Chicago.

With roots in Houston – it’s like going home, and with Austin, we are home!  In both cities we’re very familiar with venues, know our way around, and enjoy being there.

We look forward to working with you wherever you – and your event – may be!

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